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You still need to stay at home when you finish self-isolating, but you can go out for essential trips such as buying food. For up to date advice on current Government guidance visit the COVID-19 page on the NHS website.

For all positive test results, we also have an obligation to report your results to Public Health England and the NHS to ensure they maintain accurate records and statistics on the spread of the virus.

If you have a positive test for coronavirus, your response will depend on the test that you’ve taken and your current symptoms. In all cases, you should continue adhering to current government guidance on coronavirus.

In the event that a PCR test for coronavirus returns a positive result, you do not need to seek medical attention unless your symptoms worsen. If they do worsen then you should refer to NHS 111 coronavirus service .

If you take one of our antibody tests and test positive, you will still need to follow government guidance. At this stage there is no certainty over whether or not this result offers immunity, but more will become clear on this as time progresses.

For up to date advice on current Government guidance visit the COVID-19 page on the NHS website.

The turnaround time for  both COVID-19 tests is 2-3 day upon reaching the laboratory.

Once we have your results it will be delivered via email the very same day.

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FAQ about Government Test-to-Release.

If you do not have a negative covid-19 test result you will have to self-isolate for 10 days. When you are self-isolating you cannot leave your home for any reason. You will have to arrange deliveries for everything you need.

Under the government’s Test-to-Release programme you can on the fifth day after leaving the quarantine country (that is, not on the government’s travel corridor list) take a covid-19 test. If you get a negative result then you no longer have to self-isolate.


You need to wait five days from leaving a quarantine country before taking your sample for Test-to-Release.  In person Test-To-Release tests will be available Monday to Sunday.  You may leave your house to post your test or to travel directly to and from the testing site. You should follow safer travel guidance and avoid public transport if possible.

You can only end self-isolation once you’ve received a negative covid-19 test result. Until you receive your result, you need to self-isolate.

Test-to-Release only applies to England. Scotland and Wales, as devolved nations, will make their own arrangements.

If you are returning to England from one of the government’s travel corridor countries, you do not need to isolate. To find out if you are travelling from a travel corridor country, please check the list on gov.uk. It changes frequently and without notice, so check it immediately before you travel.